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Dr. Prior is an Industrial & Organizational psychologist who helps people work smarter, not harder. She enjoys using her writing to help people get more from life. Life does not have to be boring and dull and Dr. Prior enjoys sharing what she has learned to motivative and inspire others. Yvette Prior’s Amazon Author Page is HERE

Look and See (2022) is a book that Dr. Prior wrote right before the COVID19 pandemic arrived in spring of 2020. She paused the book and when she came back to the manuscript in 2022, she saw a simple beauty that underpinned each entry. This book is about looking and seeing the world with intention. So much of our human experience in life relates to how we see the world around us and this book offers 60 short reflections about shifting perspective. We CAN adjust the filters we use to see the world and this book offers personal stories and practical ideas for understanding more about how we look and see the world.

Look and See: Wellness Possibilities is on Kindle HERE and   on AMAZON HERE 

Introduction to LOOK AND SEE

     The term wellness means different things to different people. My definition of wellness involves enjoying life with physical, mental, and spiritual health. Individual wellness is cultivated by how we look and see the world. In Look and See, I share insights from the field of psychology and personal stories to offer ideas for growth.

     Life is never perfect. Trials and challenges will come and go, which I am sure you already know. The goal is not to live an easy life; instead, the goal is to develop strength and enjoy life with a sense of fulfillment. There are so many things that you can consider for improving wellness and this book offers a variety of ideas across five sections: Steadfastness, Self, Seasons, Social, and Spiritual. 

     As we grow and get knowledge, we also need a deeper understanding of the way the mind, body, and spirit interplay with perspective. How you look and see the world matters and I hope you enjoy the ideas and examples in this book

I-O Internship Workbook is on Amazon here

Dr. Prior and Dr. Oleksiw teamed up to provide this customizable internship book for students in Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychology.

The I-O Internship Workbook provides checklists, calendar outlines, project ideas, and suggestions for ways to get the most from an internship experience. The book was piloted by more than a dozen I-O students and can be a powerful resource for students working in any area of business psychology. 


Dr. Prior published more than 200 flash-fiction stories and chose 50 of them for this book. Each entry also comes with a “behind the story” section, which offers insights about the life lessons shared and the writing process. Staying Alive offers wellness tips through short fiction while also inviting you to join Dr. Prior for some global adventure through story.
STAYING ALIVE is Amazon HERE and is on Kindle HERE

 AVIAN FRIENDS is on Amazon HERE and is on Kindle HERE 


LADY BY THE RIVER – is on Amazon HERE and the Master Page is HERE

Lady by the River Authors



CONVERSATE is available on Amazon HERE.










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